Glue Open Computing Facilities

Note: This information is rather old, some of it has changed significantly

The open computing facilities offer a complete range of services to any student of the University of Maryland. Glue offers multi-platform support that lets users choose a system that best suits their tastes. These labs are student run and are open most of the day. All of these labs are accessible 24 hours a day by students who need such use. Click on the above soda icons to see who's logged in.

Currently these are the facilities for open computing:

These labs are committed to offering convenient service to both undergraduate and graduate students. Students can get a Glue account by using an online service called register. Register allows students to apply for an account and get verification online. After verification a password is assigned and picked up at a staff office. This system allows new account handling with minimal paperwork and also allows for low level verification through automated methods.


Solarium I

Solarium I (OSL I) was the first open lab consisting of Sun 3 and Vax Station. Origionally this lab was one room with just Sun 3 color and monochrome stations. After Solarium II opened, In 1992, Solarium I was expanded with a new section making use of Vax Stations as X Terminals. In its first incarnation, OSL I's Sun 3's were standalone, but were converted to X Terminals after expansion.

Solarium II

Solarium II (OSL II) was created in 1992 to meet the growing needs of Glue users. OSL II houses a number of Sun IPX's that allow users access to more computing power. These machines are used for everything from email to high end modelling. The following is a list of OSL II machines open for use to UMCP students with Glue accounts:

Open DEC Lab

The Open Dec Lab was opened at the same time as the OSL II to serve same purpose of meeting the increased need for computing. This lab originally started out with DEC 5000/25's and recently recieved a new set of DEC Alpha's which will allow users access to high speed computing. Here is a list of machines currently used in the lab:


The Computer Science Department (CSD) Lab was once part of the Computer Science Center and was handed over to Project Glue. The lab used to consists of DEC 3100 machines that were converted over to X Terminals and named after computer languages. Each one of them are now Sparcstation 4 running Solaris. These machines are primarily used by CS students.